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Progress is a challenge.

But we believe that every challenge can bring about a positive impact on the world. So we’re challenging students, volunteers, and local businesses to better their careers, their business, and the planet with one unifying movement. Introducing the #100SurveyChallenge, a nationwide challenge to conduct green energy surveys for 100 local businesses over the next two months with the goal of identifying 1 million kWh of energy savings.

In partnership with Net Impact‘s Projects for Good, we will be providing students and volunteers with toolkits and access to our web-based tool, GEMS, to conduct free green energy surveys for local businesses. Each survey completed will help a local, small business identify actionable opportunities to become more environmentally sustainable and more profitable.

Small businesses in the U.S. currently account for roughly $60 billion dollars in energy costs and are responsible for half a billion metric tons of carbon emissions every year. The average small business has the potential to cut their energy consumption by 15-20% through simple, low-cost energy-efficiency upgrades. Yet, most of them don’t know where to begin. Green Impact Campaign energy surveys conducted during the #100SurveyChallenge will help local, small businesses take that first step while empowering out next generation of leaders.

If successful, the #100SurveyChallenge will identify over 1 million kWh of cumulative energy savings every year, the equivalent of removing 700 metric tons of carbon emissions from the environment or taking 150 passenger cars off the road every year.

So, how can you get involved?


Get Involved: Students & Volunteers

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If you’re looking to help the environment, your resume, and a small business – all with one project, then sign up to join now. We’ll provide you with the Green Energy Survey Toolkit and full access to our green energy survey tool, GEMS, to assess a local organization’s energy usage and make recommendations on how it can reduce utility costs and consumption.

And to show their commitment to the #100SurveyChallenge, Net Impact has agreed to give Net Impact chapter members $75 for every survey they complete.

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Get Involved: Local Businesses

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The #100SurveyChallenge is your chance to support local student volunteers while learning about actionable ways to make your business more sustainable and profitable. And it’s all completely free. With the average business discovering over $1,200 in utility savings, it’s the best investment you’ll make this year.

Register your business now to receive a free green energy survey from our volunteers and help us get to 100 surveys. We feature all participating businesses in our Business Directory – along with their company logo, website, and short bio.

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Spread the Word Hashtag

Use the hashtag #100SurveyChallenge to tell everyone about your involvement with this national movement, to challenge others to get involved, or to just show your support.

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Check back here often for updates and progress, or connect with us on Facebook and Twitter to get the latest updates and announcements on the #100SurveyChallenge and more.

And watch the video below to learn more about Green Impact Campaign and the green energy surveys.


Progress is a challenge. And we’re up for the challenge. Are you?