Kilowatt Smackdown is a nationwide competition where students compete against one another to see who can complete the most energy assessments for local businesses in their community. Students gain skills, earn prizes, and help local businesses save energy.

All competitions are currently closed. Please stay connected to hear about upcoming competitions.

Previous Smackdowns

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Green Impact Campaign (GIC) is on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of small business while better equipping the next generation of climate leaders. We provide university students across the country with cloud-based tools and training to go out and conduct free energy assessments for local, small businesses in their community. Small businesses receive the custom, actionable information they need to make their business more energy efficiency and profitable. While student volunteers receive professional skills through hands-on experience for future impact careers.

Kilowatt Smackdown is our competition series where we work closely with local universities and partner organizations in communities to host an impactful and exciting sustainability initiative.