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Our Crowdfunding Campaign is Happening Now!

In the past two years, we've empowered 300 students to help 700 small businesses find over $1 million in energy savings. And through our crowdfunding campaign, we want to empower the next 100 students! Please join us and donate today so that we can empower the next...

Meet Begoña Blasco: A True Impact Leader

Meet Begoña Blasco. An architecture graduate student at Catholic University of America who in just one semester conducted energy assessments for 30 local businesses, won a city-wide sustainability competition, led an initiative to make campus buildings more energy-efficient, had companies knocking down her door to interview with them and became the first ever student on Green Impact Campaign’s Advisory Board.

GTM’s Energy Gang Gives GIC a Shoutout

On last week's episode of Greentech Media's Energy Gang podcast, Katharine Hamilton and Stephen Lacey gave a special shoutout to Green Impact Campaign. Not only do they give a great overview of the energy assessments being done by our volunteers, but also talk a lot...

2015 Year In Review

Best. Year. Ever. We had a record setting year in 2015. We had more students volunteer, more businesses receive an energy assessment, and more savings identified than any other year in our history. See the graphic below to see what we’ve done this year.