And the winner is…

It is with great excitement (some might even say too much), that we announce the winner of our Spring 2017 Impact Scholarship Award, sponsored by Inspire.

We joined forces with Inspire to create the Impact Scholarship in the summer of 2016 to recognize exceptional GIC volunteers that were going above and beyond. Each semester, up to two students are awarded the scholarship for completing the most energy assessments and for their outstanding work in helping reduce the energy usage for small businesses in their local community.

During the spring period, January 1 – June 30, we had 28 students and volunteers complete energy assessments.

Congratulations to the winner of the Spring 2017 Impact Scholarship Award:

Cory Lord

Temple University
11 energy assessments

Congratulations to Cory, who will be receiving a $1,000 scholarship, sponsored by Inspire.

And let’s hear it for ALL of the students!

We’d also like to recognize and congratulate all of the eligible students that completed energy assessments during the Spring 2017 period.

Cory L. (Temple) – 11
Alisha S. (UVA) – 4
Rachel D. (UVA) – 3
Valerie R. (UVA) – 2
Stephanie D. (UVA) – 2
Megan R. (UVA) – 2
Larry L. (UVA) – 2
Victoria G. (UVA) – 1
Thomas M. (Wayne) – 1
Sydney R. (UVA) – 1

Kaleigh S. (Villanova) – 1
Suchita C. (UVA) – 1
George B. (DTCC) – 1
Charis A. (UVA) – 1
Brandon G. (SC State) – 1
Alexander B. (Temple) – 1
Maddison N. (BYU) – 1
Gabriela R. (UVA) – 1
Ciara M. (SCC) – 1

The Collective Impact

The energy assessments completed by these students had a much larger impact than just a scholarship award.

Collectively, these students completed energy assessments for 50 small businesses in six months.

Small businesses found over 350,000 kWh in annual energy savings, $50,000 in annual cost savings, and over 130,000 gallons of annual water savings.

Beyond the numbers, students and small businesses are continuing to see the benefits of their interaction.

Small businesses have gone on to purchase green energy and implement extended waste reduction strategies. Students have connected with potential employers and brought their learnings back to their campus to green their school.

assessments completed

energy savings identified

energy savings identified

The Fall Scholarship Has Begun!

The fall period scholarship has already begun! Any energy assessments completed by eligible students between July 1 through December 31 will count towards the next scholarship award. So get started as a volunteer today and check out everything you need to know about the scholarship award.

Congratulations to the spring winners and best of luck in the fall!