You’ve impacted your community. That’s a big deal.

More and more businesses are looking to hire new employees that have hands-on volunteer experience. So tell your professional network about your involvement with GIC by adding it to your LinkedIn profile. Here’s a step-by-step instruction on how to do it:


Step 1: Log-in to LinkedIn and click edit profile



Step 2: Add the Volunteer Experience & Causes section to your profile

On the right-hand side of your profile page, click on the Volunteering & Causes listed under the “You can also add…” heading.


If you’ve already added this section to your profile in the past, add a new Volunteer Experience under your existing entries.


Step 3: Input your GIC volunteer experience

Feel free to use the template below to fill out the volunteer section:

  • Organization: Green Impact Campaign
  • Role:┬áImpact Ambassador (or Impact Leader or Impact Champion depending on your involvement)
  • Cause: Environment
  • Date: [insert dates of involvement]
  • Description: Conducted free green energy assessments for local, small businesses in my community as part of a national campaign to reduce the environmental impact of business on the planet.

When entering “Green Impact Campaign” under the Organization name, be sure to click on the linked company page that pops up in order to be connected to our page.

When it’s all done, it should look similar to this:


Now that you’ve added it to your profile, share it with your network to see how many Likes and kudos you receive.


Green Impact Campaign (GIC) is on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of small business while better equipping the next generation of climate leaders. We provide university students across the country with cloud-based tools and training to go out and conduct free energy assessments for local, small businesses in their community. Small businesses receive the custom, actionable information they need to make their business more energy efficiency and profitable. While student volunteers receive professional skills through hands-on experience for future impact careers.

Kilowatt Smackdown is our regional competition series where we select one community, town, or city to focus on. We work closely with local universities and partner organizations in the community to host an impactful and exciting sustainability initiative.