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Find out how to cut your business’s energy usage by 25%, lower utility costs, and reduce your carbon footprint. All while helping students gain real-world skills and experience to become the next generation of climate leaders.

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Green Impact Campaign provides students and volunteers across the country with virtual training and cloud-based tools to conduct free energy assessments for local businesses in their community. In addition to business owners receiving custom, actionable recommendations on how to reduce their energy and water usage, students have the opportunity to get out of the classroom and gain hands-on, real-world experience for their future careers.

Take control of your business's energy usage with a free energy assessment...

See how you compare to similar businesses in your industry


Understand how your business’s current energy usage stacks up against the average business in your industry to learn how you compare.

Find custom, actionable recommendations to save energy


Receive simple, relevant recommendations on low-cost ways to reduce energy usage and utility costs based on your assessment findings.

Get cost and savings estimates for recommended upgrades


Learn how much each recommended upgrade will cost, how much money it will save, and how fast you’ll recover your costs. All of the important information and nothing more.

Track your progress and cumulative impact over time


Keep track of your actions and upgrades as you implement them to measure your cumulative savings and environmental impact over time.

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We provide all businesses that receive a free energy assessment with our GIC Certified Business window decal. We believe that businesses should be recognized and celebrated for their commitment to being a local, sustainable business in their community. And we want to help you tell your customers and neighbors with this free window decal after receiving an assessment. Get assessed. Get recognized.

Help your business, help local students, help the planet.

Register now and a trained student volunteer will come conduct your free energy assessment. You’ll have your results 20 minutes later.  It’s just that easy to learn about making your business more energy efficient. Zero cost. Zero time commitment. Just simple and easy.