green impact campaign social media guide gic small business

Your business is committed to being a local, sustainable business.

Don’t keep that a secret.

Receiving a green energy survey from Green Impact Campaign volunteers is just the first step towards becoming a local, sustainable business in your community. But it’s a step that should be celebrated and shared with your customers, clients, and community. We’ve put together a simple social media guide to help you shine a (energy-efficient) light on the commitment and the steps that your business has taken by participating. Follow the guide below to engage your followers and broadcast your greening efforts.

Click the image below to download the GIC Social Media Guide for Small Businesses to get started today or follow along below:

green impact social media guide small business



STEP 1: Connect with Green Impact Campaign on these social networks

We love telling everyone why our participating businesses are so amazing. In order for us to do that, connect with the Campaign on these social media outlets so we can include your business in our tweets and posts:

Friend us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Connect with us on LinkedIn

STEP 2: Spread the word about your commitment and efforts

Tell your social media followers about your commitment to being a local, sustainable business, protecting the environment, supporting local students, and saving energy and water. Here are a few example tweets to get the ball rolling:

[Tweet “We’re thrilled to be a member of @GICorg and show our commitment to local, sustainable business!”]

[Tweet “We’re working to save energy and water with the help of local students and @GICorg!”]

[Tweet “Excited to join in on @GICorg’s efforts by making our space more sustainable!”]


STEP 3: Share your story with us and the rest of the world

Share pictures and videos on Twitter and Facebook to illustrate your actions and progress towards becoming a more sustainable business. Here are some different types of impactful moments that you can capture and share:

  • UPGRADES:Take before and after photos of energy-efficient and water-saving upgrades.
  • BEHAVIORS:Capture behaviors and actions that promote sustainable business like signage for recycling or ride-your-bike-to-work-day.
  • EVENTS AND CULTURE: Post pictures of special green events or posters that illustrate your commitment to protecting the planet.

Think you’ve got a really great story to share? Contact us and we might feature your business on our blog and throughout our network in one of our Impact Spotlight features like this spotlight on GIC business participant: cove.