5 Reasons Your Student Club Should Bring Green Impact Campaign To Your Campus


Trying to figure out a new project for your student club? Here are the top 5 reasons that you should bring Green Impact Campaign to your community:


1.  Bake sales are not “carb-friendly.”

We’re all tired of the same old, boring club projects and fundraisers. The one’s where we sell something that we don’t even like ourselves, or maybe pass out flyers for something we don’t even totally understand. GIC breaks the mold and offers a project that is different, impactful, and fulfilling.

2.  “Listened to someone talk about green buildings” is not a strong resume booster.

Guest speakers and film screenings can be really insightful and entertaining…but, they don’t always offer much more. GIC is a hands-on, get-out-in-the-real-world project that provides students professional skills that can really improve their resume.

3.  Your favorite taco spot down the road might be increasing its prices.

Energy costs continue to increase and more and more business are being forced to raise their prices to compensate. Helping your favorite local businesses identify ways to reduce their utility costs can have a big impact on your community and your belly.

4.  New friends are awesome.

GIC is a great way to get more members in your club. No matter what their major, GIC has something for everyone: technical, management, marketing, interpretive dance, the list goes on. Plus, you can connect with other participating student clubs and expand your network.

5.  It’s never been this easy to make a real impact.

Community murals can be pretty, but that’s about it. GIC is about making a real, lasting impact in your community. We give you everything you need to get started on day 1. You and your members get to do all the fun, impactful things and get all the recognition and praise that comes along with it.


To sign up your student club today, click here and we’ll get you everything you need to get started.

If you’d like to learn more about the Campaign, click here or feel free to contact us with any questions.